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YouTube Download is an all-new platform for everything related to YouTube videos! We all have faced some kind of hindrance while saving or downloading our favorite videos from YouTube before. To solve that issue once and for all, introducing YouTube Download!

Now, with YouTube Download, you can download unlimited videos, songs, and thumbnails without any restrictions. Moreover, the website is excessively responsive, easy to use, and all browser-compatible.

Some of the key highlights of this website are-

  • High-resolution videos and lossless YouTube music download
  • Easy copy and paste download process
  • Fast and efficient conversion
  • Mobile-friendly web pages
  • No registration or personal ID is required

YouTube Download Options

There are dozens of great converter and download tools on this website that you’re gonna absolutely love! Let’s get to know some of the most popular ones briefly-

YouTube to MP4: Convert videos to MP4 format

MP4 being the most popular and commonly used video format, definitely needs no further introduction. However, you don’t get the ability or the feature to download YouTube videos in MP4 all the time. That’s why, using the Convert YouTube to MP4 page, you will get the best MP4 videos at any time!

YouTube to MP3: Extract Audio from Videos

Do you wish to get only the audio file from any YouTube video? Well, with YouTube, you already know how it goes because the platform does not have any option to save or download only the audio file. However, Convert YouTube to MP3 is a game-changer if you wish to get the audio from your YouTube videos in crisp quality!

YouTube to WAV: Convert Videos to WAV Audio Format

Compared to MP3, WAV is more rich and high-quality in terms of audio transmission. So, it’s a given that many audiophiles will prefer the WAV format for their favorite YouTube videos. That’s why YouTube Download has a Convert YouTube to WAV tool!

YouTube Shorts Downloader: Download YouTube Shorts Effortlessly

With the insane popularity of short-form videos, YouTube has also introduced a separate Shorts section for users. So, if you wish to get your loved Shorts videos on your mobile or PC, you can surely check out YouTube Shorts Downloader!

YouTube To 3GP: Download Videos in 3GP Format

While 3GP is not the best video format, it’s still used in many small handhelds and MP4 players. So, if you’re someone looking for a good 3GP converter, then make sure to check out the best YouTube to 3GP Converter!

Thumbnail and Audio Download

YouTube Download offers the full package of anything related to YouTube. Whether it’s audio or thumbnail, you can get it all. So, let’s check out what can you do in terms of audio and thumbnail download-

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader: Easy Thumbnails Downloads

Have you ever looked at a YouTube thumbnail and said, “I wish I had that on my device!”. Well, that’s not a dream anymore at all. With YouTube Thumbnail Downloader, you can get the best quality thumbnail image from the website instantly. Moreover, the download process is even simpler than the other audio or video downloading.

YouTube to M4A: Convert videos to M4A audio format

M4A is one of the versatile audio formats available and you can’t get enough of it in your regular usage. However, YouTube does not use M4A as a traditional audio format so you will be out of luck in most cases. With YouTube to M4A converter, you don’t have to depend on luck anymore!

You can just get the audio from your favorite videos in a few minutes. Additionally, you can choose different audio quality!

YouTube To OPUS: Download videos in OPUS audio format

Compared to MP3 or AAC, OPUS audio format is low-bitrate and low latency. Still, it is not widely used because other formats are more easy to edit and manage. However, if you wish to listen to your favorite audio files from YouTube, you can now do that with YouTube to OPUS converter!

YouTube to WEBM: Convert videos to WEBM format

As the name suggests, WEBM is popularly used on web content so once in a while you will come across some files in that category. But if you want to enjoy all of your precious audio files in WEBM format, then look no further than YouTube to WEBM converter.

You just have to paste your YouTube video link and voila! Your audio file will be converted and ready to be downloaded!

YouTube to AAC: Download videos in AAC audio format

Similar to MP3, AAC is one of the most commonly used audio formats. So, it’s no wonder that you will want to get your favorite audio files in this format. With YouTube to AAC converter, your dream is just a few clicks away.

YouTube to FLAC: Convert videos to FLAC audio format

Are you an audiophile? Or a fan of Hi-Res audio files? Then, we think there’s no other format that’s more suited than FLAC. Not only can you enjoy the best audio quality but you can also choose the bitrate with YouTube to FLAC for your audio converter. Keep in mind that all the YouTube videos do not use FLAC audio. So, sometimes you will get upscaled audio as a FLAC file.

YouTube to OGG: Download videos in OGG audio format

If you wish to store your audio files in a less demanding and low-bandwidth format, then OGG should be on your priority list. This audio format offers good quality audio in a very low storage space. So, you can utilize your limited storage to the full.

High-Resolution Downloads

Compared to HD (720P) and Full HD (1080P), 4K and 8K have impressive and well-defined video clarity. However, not all videos on YouTube are available in High Resolution nor do all the available converters can handle that kind of footage! That’s why you know which converter to choose!

YouTube 4K Downloader: Download Videos in Stunning 4K Resolution

Mesmerized by the stunning 4K videos on the YouTube website but can’t seem to download them? Now, you can do that in the best video quality with YouTube 4K Downloader!

While the conversion of 4K might take a few moments more than traditional Full HD videos, it’s totally worth the wait. You will understand once you witness the raw clarity of 4K footage!

YouTube 8K Downloader: Access Videos in Impressive 8K Resolution

Not satisfied with 4K YouTube videos? For those who never settle, YouTube 8K Downloader is the new king of high-quality conversion! Just paste your YouTube video link on the website, wait for a moment and you will get the option to download the crisp 8K video in all its glory!

User-Friendly Interface

The best part of YouTube Download is its user-friendly approach to downloading and saving all the YouTube goodies! While many websites and converters will confuse you with too many options and preferences, YouTube Download is pretty straightforward.

You choose your preferred conversion option, go to that page, paste your YouTube video link, and choose the quality that you want to save. It’s that simple to navigate through the jungle of mind-numbing web pages on other websites.

Legal and Ethical Usage

Before you use YouTube Download, it’s necessary to go through our Terms and Conditions page because we tend to follow all the YouTube Fair Usage Policy Guidance. We don’t commercialize or advertise any of the original content available on the main YouTube website.

However, the users who readily download from this website can misuse the policies which have no relation to us. We are not liable or responsible for users who conduct illegal or unethical acts through our tools.

We own the full rights to change any content available on the website without any prior notice. So, if we suspect any user of using illegal and improper means, we can and will modify our content without any disclaimer.

How to Download Videos from YouTube?

Different audio and video formats have a slightly different process of downloading. Still, here’s a basic procedure on how you can utilize the features of YouTube Download-

  • First go to the YouTube video you want to download and then select the link and right-click on it. Copy the full URL. You can copy the URL by just right-clicking on the video and choosing the “copy video URL”.

    Copy YouTube Video URL from link barCopy YouTube Video URL by right clicking on the video
  • Paste the YouTube link into the open box. Press the download button.

    Paste the Video URL to the search bar (6)

For Video

Step 3: Once the YouTube link is loaded, choose your preferred quality and click on the Download button.

Choose the quality you want

Step 4: A new browser tab will appear. Click on the 3-dot menu and choose the download button.

Click on the Download

Step 5: Select the video name, download location and press Save!

Click on Save to start the download

For Only Video (No Audio)

Step 3: Choose the Only video option and select the preferred video quality. Usually, the Only Video section has more video quality options than the regular one. Press on the Download button.

Download high quality video from YouTube Download

Step 4: A new browser tab will appear. Click on the 3-dot menu and choose the download button.

Click on the Download

Step 5: Select the video name, download location and press Save!

Click on Save to start the download

For Only Audio

Step 3: Choose the only audio section and click on the download button of your preferred audio format and quality.

Download high quality Audio from YouTube Download

Step 4: A new browser tab will appear. Click on the 3-dot menu and choose the download button.

Click on Download

Step 5: Select the video name, download location and press Save!

Click on Save to start the download

8. FAQs and Support

Some of the common questions that we face are answered for your convenience-

The legality can vary depending on the terms of service of YouTube and local copyright laws. Generally, it's advised to use such tools for personal use and not for distributing copyrighted content without permission.

No, you do not need to create a personal account to use the YouTube Download website. You just need the YouTube video link and that’s about it!

YouTube Download offers tons of quality audio and video formats such as MP3, AAC, WEBM, OPUS, WAV, MP4, 3GP, and so on. Furthermore, you can download your YouTube videos in 4K & 8K quality.

No, there are no length or size restrictions for the converted videos. As YouTube Download is completely free, you can download hours and hours of video and audio without any limitation.

No, as of right now, YouTube Download does not support any other sources other than YouTube.

The video goes through a minor compression so in some cases you can observe a slight decrease in quality, However, most of the time the video or quality will be hard to tell apart.

The conversion process of both audio and video is lightning fast and you can get the ready-to-download file within seconds. The only exception is 4K and 8K videos as they tend to take more parsing time.

Yes, YouTube Download is completely mobile-friendly whether it's Android or iOS. Moreover, the website is supported on all the major web browsers.

If you have any further queries or complaints regarding our services, feel free to reach out at We would love to get your feedback and enhance our facilities so that you have a good time on our website.

9. Disclaimer

In no way YouTube Downloaded is obliged to or affiliated with YouTube. This website is merely a platform for users to download YouTube videos, nothing else. It does not endorse or advertise any content of YouTube in any way. Users who are misguided to believe our affiliation with YouTube, are requested to read our Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy for better understanding.