How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 on an iPhone? Easy Tutorial!

Posted on Dec. 4, 2023, 12:57 p.m. by Fileion
Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 on an iPhone

While the iPhone is the pinnacle of handheld devices, the restrictions you have to face are just bottomless. Being stuck to a non-customization interface just sucks the life out of the joyous feel of your daily life. Especially when you go to download your favorite YouTube videos into MP3 format just to listen to them in your spare time!

However, now, there’s an easy way to get those exact same YouTube videos or songs directly on your latest iPhone without needing any external application. Introducing YouTubeDownload to solve all of your YouTube needs in a one-fell sweep!

Learn more about how to use the website to download your YouTube videos to MP3 in the next segment.

Steps to Convert Your YT Videos to MP3 on an iPhone

Here’s how you can utilize the exceptional power of YouTubeDownload to get your YouTube videos converted to MP3 audio files-

Step 1: Open a new tab on your browser to copy the link of your YouTube video to convert, or you can use the YouTube app as well.

Step 2: Open your browser again type and hit enter. Click on the YouTube to MP3 tab you see on the top-middle section of the webpage.

Step 3: Now paste the copied link in the open box and press Download.

Step 4: Wait for the video info to load and then choose your preferred quality. You will get many bitrate options ranging from 64 kbps to all the way 320 kbps. Choose any quality that you like.

Step 5: Wait for the conversion to finish and press the Download MP3 button. Save the file on your device and there you have your MP3 audio file!


With YouTubeDownload, converting any YouTube videos to MP3, even with an iPhone has been a game-changer. You can get unlimited downloads, so no need to hold yourself back! Go wild with your downloads and enjoy your MP3 files!