Convert YouTube to MP3

Convert popular YouTube videos in MP3 format and download them.

YouTube to MP3

Who does not love good music right? And YouTube is the most accessible platform for any type of music. However, it also adds some excruciating restrictions such as limiting the access to download any video. So, it’s really tough to listen to your favorite music if you rely heavily on YouTube.

But fear not! Convert YouTube to MP3 has arrived with cool features that let you download any YouTube videos into MP3 format without any cost.

What is Convert YouTube to MP3?

Convert YouTube to MP3 is an online YouTube video to MP3 conversion service that you can access from any device. Furthermore, it does not cost you a single dime so all you need is a stable internet connection and your downloads will be saved in your local drive.

However, not all videos can be converted properly as the videos can have integrated security features.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3?

Now, let’s check out how to use the Convert YouTube to MP3 services to download your favorite YouTube videos directly to MP3 audio format-

Step 1: First go to the YouTube video you want to download and then select the link and right-click on it. Copy the full URL. You can copy the URL by just right-clicking on the video and choosing the “copy video URL”.

Copy YouTube Video URL from link bar

Copy YouTube Video URL by right clicking on the video

Step 2: Paste the YouTube video link you want to convert and press the Download button.

Paste the Video URL to the search bar

Step 3: You will now see different types of MP3 audio with different Kbps rates. You can choose any of the quality to download. Click on your preferred audio.

Choose the quality you want

Download high quality MP3 from YouTube Download

Step 4: Click on the Download button of the audio file you want to save on your local disk.

Click on Download MP3

Step 5: Choose the file name and location and press the save button. You have now successfully downloaded your YouTube video into an MP3 file!

Click on Save to start the download


Yes, YouTube to MP3 converts are absolutely legal. You can use it with peace of mind. However, it is illegal to use copyrighted content for commercial usage.

We believe that our tool is the best YouTube to MP3 converter tool. Because we confirm the high-quality MP3 audio file for your videos.

Yes, there are online YouTube to MP3 converters that don't require software to download. For example, our MP3 converter is an online converter that doesn't need to download any software. Just paste the YouTube video link that you want to convert and click on download. Your audio will start downloading.

YouTube to MP3 converters may harm your PC if you don't use it from a trustworthy website. Because many websites can hide viruses in their tools and inject them into your PC while downloading your MP3 file. We recommend you use our tool to convert your YouTube video MP3 files. We can ensure you that our tool is 100% virus-free.

Yes, it is possible to convert long YouTube videos to MP3 files using our converter. Our converter is made with the help of the latest technology that allows you to convert and download long videos with ease.

There are some differences between various YouTube to MP3 converter websites or software. In an online converter, you can directly download your MP3 files without any hassles whereas in MP3 converter software you need to download and install an app then you can convert your YouTube videos. Also, maximum online converters are completely free whereas maximum converting software is paid or freemium.

Our MP3 converter tool can maintain good audio quality without losing any data. It uses high tech to serve the best and highest-quality audio for your videos.


As MP3 is one of the most common audio formats, hopefully, this converter will help you a lot in the future. However, be sure to perform caution whenever you download videos or music from an online website.