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Convert and Download YouTube videos in high-res FLAC audio format

YouTube to FLAC

FLAC or Free Lossless Audio Codec is one of the most famous audio formats for audiophiles. Its ability to compress digital audio files without losing any audio quality has made it a top-demanding format.

However, you can’t get this format with YouTube as default. What you can do is convert the video to crisp FLAC format to enjoy the best audio experience!

Features of FLAC:

  • Completely lossless conversion
  • Exceptional audio quality and compatibility
  • Supports a wide range of bitrates and audio channels
  • Ideal for archiving and storing without losing any data

How to Convert YouTube Videos to FLAC?

Learn how to turn your favorite YouTube files into FLAC audio files in these simple steps-

Step 1: First go to the YouTube video you want to download and then select the link and right-click on it. Copy the full URL. You can copy the URL by just right-clicking on the video and choosing the “copy video URL”.

Copy YouTube Video URL from link bar

Copy YouTube Video URL by right clicking on the video

Step 2: Paste the YouTube video link you want to convert and press the Download button.

Paste the Video URL to the search bar

Step 3: Once the YouTube link is ready, it will start to convert the file into FLAC audio. Press the Download FLAC button and a new window will pop up. Close that window and wait for it to load fully.

Click on Download FLAC

Step 4: Return to the main page and it will show the “Download Now!” button. Press the button to continue.

Click on Download Now button

Step 5: Choose your preferred file location to save the file and you’re done!

Click on Save to start the download


It's an online tool that converts YouTube videos into FLAC audio files. Our FLAC converter allows you to download the highest-quality audio files.

The main advantage of FLAC Converter is it is completely free and there is no limitation in converting or downloading.

It's only legal if you own the copyright of the video or have obtained explicit permission from the copyright owner for its use and distribution outside YouTube.

You can contact us using our email address: [email protected]. We will try our level best to get back to you as soon as we can.

No, there are no limitations on how many videos you can convert per day. Our tool allows you to convert unlimited YouTube Videos into FLAC format.

There is no limitation in file size. You can download as long video as you want.


It’s obvious that some files might not benefit from FLAC format if the audio quality is already terrible. Otherwise, you will immediately notice the exquisite audio pleasing your ears!

So, start downloading any music in FLAC format with YouTube Downloader!