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Convert your YouTube videos into Audio format and Download them!!

YouTube to Audio

Do you want to get the only audio version of your dearest YouTube video but don’t know how to get that? Well, today you will learn about the easiest method to get the audio file of your favorite videos without downloading any third-party software.

However, you should first know what is Convert YouTube to Audio.

What is YouTube to Audio?

YouTube to Audio is basically an online audio converter that lets you enjoy your YouTube videos in audio file formats. Generally, YouTube uses MP3, WAV, and AAC audio extensions for the standard videos. However, you can enjoy the same audio in MP4A and OPUS audio format with this exclusive video-to-audio converter.

What are the Common YouTube Audio Formats?

Usually, MP3 and WAV are the most common YouTube formats used by the content creators on the beloved platform. However, in some cases, AAC, PCM, and FLAC audio extensions are also used in high-quality videos. While it’s hard to understand the quality of the music that well because of the built-in compressor of YouTube, it’s still noticeable in some cases.

If you want to listen to the audio in its full glory it’s always best to use a separate audio converter for YouTube videos. So, let’s check out how you can use the YouTube Videos to Audio Converter to download your videos directly into audio!

How to Convert YouTube Videos to Audio?

Here is the step-by-step process on how to use the Convert YouTube Videos to Audio service to turn your favorite videos into audio files-

Step 1: Step 1: First go to the YouTube video you want to download and then select the link and right-click on it. Copy the full URL. You can copy the URL by just right-clicking on the video and choosing the “copy video URL”.

Copy YouTube Video URL from link bar

Copy YouTube Video URL by right clicking on the video

Step 2: Paste the YouTube video link you want to convert and press the Download button.

Paste the Video URL to the search bar

Step 3: Pressing the download button will present you with different audio formats and qualities that you can convert the video into. Choose your preferred download format.

Click on the download button of which quality Audio you want

Step 4: Click on the download button beside your chosen audio format. Here 160kbps OPUS audio is chosen.

Download the best quality Audio from Youtube Download

Step 5: Pressing the download button will bring you to a different audio player. Click on the 3-dot menu and click on the download button. Your download will begin automatically.

Click on download to start downloading


It's an online tool that allows you to convert any YouTube videos into audio files such as MP3.

Yes, it is completely free of charge and does not require any subscriptions or hidden fees.

The conversion process usually takes only a few seconds or minutes, depending on the length of the video.

No, our YouTube to Audio Converter is entirely web-based, so there's no need for any downloads or installations.

While the tool can technically convert any video, you must respect copyright laws and obtain the necessary permissions before converting copyrighted content.

Our converter maintains high-quality audio output throughout all conversions, ensuring minimal quality loss if any.

There are no daily limits set; you can convert as many videos as you'd like.

The most common format is MP3, but other formats like WAV and AAC may be available depending on your specific needs.


There are very few online video-to-audio converters that will give you such distinct options while converting your files. So, you should not shy away from using this awesome website to download your YouTube videos to audio format!