How to Download Music to Flash Drive from YouTube?

Posted on Feb. 20, 2024, 3:04 p.m. by Fileion
How to Download Music to Flash Drive from YouTube

In the age of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, and Deezer, it’s obvious that users prefer streaming services more than others. However, if you are one of those handfuls who feel only YouTube is the music platform for you, then you should not feel alone.

There is still demand for YouTube downloaders, especially for downloading music directly to USB flash drives. The process might indeed seem a bit lengthy but if you feel comfortable with it, then you should look no further. With YouTube Download, all of your YouTube music needs will finally be quenched!

Download Music Directly to Your Flash Drive from YouTube

YouTube Download is a versatile downloader that you can use to save any video or audio file directly from YouTube. Its easy navigation and fluid interface makes the whole downloading process feel seamless and swift.

So, here’s how you can download music directly to your flash drive from YouTube-

Step 1: First connect your USB flash drive to your Windows PC. Make sure the connection is secure.

Connect your Flash Drive with your PC

Step 2: Go to the YouTube link of your preferred music and copy the link.

Copy the Video Link that you want to download as Music

Step 3: Now, go to YouTube to MP3 section and paste the link in the box. Wait for the webpage to load the information from the link.

Paste the Video URL and click on Download

Step 4: Choose any of the following MP3 quality by pressing on the option.

Select your desired MP3 version

Step 5: Wait for the file to be converted to an MP3 file.

Click on Download to download your Music

Step 6: Press on the download button and choose the flash drive as your primary location.

Locate your Flash Drive location and Click on Save

Step 7: Go to the file location to confirm your download.

Move your Music to your Flash Drive


Yes, YouTube Download charges nothing to download your favorite music, and it does not have any subscription. So, you can download any music from YouTube, as much as you like it.

Yes, there is no requirement for the flash drive to be compatible with your Windows PC. You can use any type of flash drive with your PC to download music from YouTube.

Final Words

Now, you can download any YouTube music on your flash drive or external hard drive. No need to worry about music file parsing errors or compatibility issues.

With YouTube Download, you can feel safe and get all of your downloads in one place!