How to Download YouTube Songs on iPhone?

Posted on Feb. 19, 2024, 1:49 a.m. by Fileion
How to Download YouTube Songs on iPhone

iPhone or any Apple devices in general have always been locked down under tight security to keep them free from external threats. That’s why you can’t just download or install any third-party apps that can sideload YouTube songs or any streaming platforms.

Instead of modding or changing the codes of your iPhone, you can rely on different YouTube downloaders online which will be able to give great results!

So, let’s find out how you can successfully download YouTube songs on your beloved iPhone!

Is It Possible to Download YouTube Songs on iPhone?

Yes, you can totally download any YouTube songs directly to your iPhone using different YouTube downloaders available. You can also use different PC tools and software to first download the song and then load them on your iPhone.

However, downloading directly on your iPhone storage is the most efficient and straightforward way. For that, you can count on the YouTube Download website as your primary source of music download.

Download YouTube Songs on iPhone with YouTube Download

We all know how hard it is to download anything on an iPhone because of Apple’s tight security protocols. But a seamless platform like YouTube Download can bypass all of that in a few clicks.

Here’s how you can utilize YouTube Download to save your favorite music directly on your iPhone-

Step 1: First, go to YouTube, open your preferred music, and copy the link.

Step 2: Open any browser on your iPhone and go to

Step 3: Now, go to YouTube to MP3 section and paste the link in the box. Wait for the webpage to load the information from the link.

Step 4: Choose any of the following MP3 quality by pressing on the option.

Step 5: Wait for the file to be converted to an MP3 file.

Step 6: Press on the download button and choose the file location. Your iPhone might notify you about the file harming your device but you don’t need to worry about that. Just press on the Keep button to allow the download.

Step 7: When the download is done, you can now listen to the song with any of your favorite music players.


Whether you are using an iPhone or Windows PC, YouTube Download can solve all of your music needs in one go! From YouTube videos to high-quality MP3 songs, you will find everything in a single place which will help you to make your playlist easily.

So, what’s stopping you from getting all of your favorite songs now?! Download everything with YouTube Download.